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Grid Tied Net Metering Solutions

It's all about reversing your Electricity meter "Legally" to reduce your electricity bill or to make it "Zero". A small solar power plant will be connected to the national grid through the same power cable and electricity meter that you take electricity to you residence.

During a sunny day,

  • Solar panels make DC electricity and the inverter converts it to AC electricity of 230V & 50Hz.
  • If your in-house consumption is 'Nill' or 'Less than' the solar energy that is generated in your mini power plant, all the excess energy will be exported to the National grid thus reversing the meter backward.
  • If your in-house consumption is 'More' , then only the deficient portion will be imported from the National grid thus slowing the rotational speed of your electricity meter.
  • Power failure in the grid ? solar system stalls.

In the night,

  • No solar power and all your consumption will be from the national grid.

At the end of the month you will only have to pay the "Net Electricity Bill". If you had generated more than your consumption in a single month, you will only have to pay the subscription fee which is LKR 30. More energy that you generated will be stored in Electricity Board Billing books for 10 years and can be used to offset your electricity bill any time before being deleted.

This System

  • Needs Grid supply to operate, does not work otherwise.
  • Does not ensure supply if grid power fails.
  • Does not care what electrical equipments are being used inside.

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