During our time in the field, we have helped a number of industries and households in the implementation of effective solar solutions. Our range of clients ranges from individuals to large business firms. Get to know what our customers are talking about BAM Green and why they trust us the best solar power company in Sri Lanka.

As a factory running with lot of electric power, we decided to go for solar PV as a renewable source of energy targeting ISO 50001:2011. Hence we got the service of BAM Green to have a roof top solar PV system with a capacity of 30 kW. B

Mr. Rasheed Hameen- CEO -( Thermo Plastics (Pvt) Ltd )

BAM Green has installed a Solar PV System in my residence. I was very pleased with the quality of materials used in the installation. TIGO maximizers installed are very effective and as a result I enjoy a higher output than the rated output.

Mr. U. R. Fernando- Chartered Electrical Engineer -

I used to pay over Rs. 85,000.00 rupees for my electricity bill. Looking for a solution, I turn to BAM Green to install a Solar PV system at my residence. Engineers at BAM Green were particularly keen on the quality of each & every component. 'Solar Power system is for life' hence quality is not an alternative. Thank you BAM Green for Quality, Neatness & also for reducing my electricity bill.

Mr. Sunil Perera( The Gypsies Music Band )